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For Roy For Roy

For Roy

Inspired by true events, an imaginative Asian-Canadian girl attempts to fold a thousand cranes as she learns to lose her father during his final days in the hospice.
12 minutes
Those Were the Good Days Those Were the Good Days

Those Were the Good Days

Riley and her dad spend an afternoon at the park. Dad has to take a few calls, but he's not worried - what could possibly go wrong?
7 minutes
Do You Love Me? Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me?

A young Sansei girl searches for her estranged Nisei father. They reunite after 30 years. Over a period of 4 years, they build a bridge through 80 handwritten letters. While nursing him on his deathbed, she finally finds some resolution.
7 minutes
D.A.D. D.A.D.


A workaholic father comes home to discover his twin daughters have built a digital android doppelgänger that they lovingly call D.A.D.
14 minutes
Turning Epochs Turning Epochs

Turning Epochs

2017 — Fiction — English subtitles
12 min
“Dad, I’m coming home to visit!” The distance from city to countryside is measured in more than miles. And sometimes home is reached by other means of transport than those dictated by train schedules. An old man waits for his son next to the railway line from sunrise to sunset.
11 minutes


Panaah portrays the life of Kachru, a nobody... a man with no story to tell...nothing to bother about. He is penniless. His life is shattered.
Finding no hope left in life, he rejects social life and exile himself to an isolated life, in a garbage dumping ground, in the worst possible place one can imagine.

One day, he chanced upon something. He came out of his closed cell and interacts once more with the world. All his hopes are rekindled.
He loves to live now...dies to live now.
Director Suhaas Karnekar, presents his Kachru to the world ...with Panaah; fascinated with his indomitable spirit and unprecedented struggle.
28 minutes
Half Soul Half Soul

Half Soul

In a world materialized and devoid of humanity the sale of souls becomes a very successful business, suicidal offers their souls against a monetary value offered to their family, it is the fantastic story of a father who is obliged to sell his soul to save the life of his dying baby girl.
23 minutes
The Daddy Shift The Daddy Shift

The Daddy Shift

The Daddy Shift playfully and poignantly celebrates the increasingly hands-on role fathers play in early childhood. Four Dads share their stories, illustrating the cultural changes that have taken place for Dads over the past few decades and the joys — and surprises — that come with this new role. Plus we get to see lots of cute babies!
18 minutes
Cry Harder Cry Harder

Cry Harder

Lyn and her Grandfather band together to make her emotionless father cry in an effort to bring out his humanity.
13 minutes
DancingDADS DancingDADS


Facing the reality that their daughters are growing up and away, these loving dads step way outside their comfort zones to show how much they still care and want to be involved in their girls' lives.
72 minutes
BENNY: Our Musical Lineage BENNY: Our Musical Lineage

BENNY: Our Musical Lineage

Three generations, spanning 70 years, sharing their passion for music, family and purpose.
16 minutes


Steve and his father sit in a bar facing one another. They have nothing to tell each other. As Steve decides to leave, his father offers him a gift to retain him. Will it be enough to reconnect two men who have not shared anything for a long time?
14 minutes
Fever Fever


Dario's doll has a fever. He takes care of it, not knowing his enviroment will be shaken by this.
7 minutes
Gramps, Not Grumps - Grandpas United Documentary Gramps, Not Grumps - Grandpas United Documentary

Gramps, Not Grumps - Grandpas United Documentary

This short documentary explores the people and inspiration that sparked and sustain the Grandpas United program in White Plains.

We meet the co-founders of Grandpas United and go with them on-site as the Grandpas engage in youth engagement activities.

The film also captures poignant memories of the Grandpas' experiences with their own grandfathers, as well as their deep affection and devotion to their own grandchildren. It is this inter-generational connection that drives this diverse group of Grandpas to give back to underserved youth in our community.

The mission of Grandpas United of the White Plains Youth Bureau is to utilize the talents, skills and experiences of its Grandpas to improve our community. It aspires to serve as male role models and mentors to enhance the growth and development of our youth.
8 minutes
Grandpa Cherry Blossom Grandpa Cherry Blossom

Grandpa Cherry Blossom

The life of Francis Uyemastu, a Japanese immigrant, told through the words of Mary Uyematsu Kao, his granddaughter, and Chuck Currier, a local historian and former teacher. Francis Uyematsu created a successful flower nursery, owning over 130 acres of land, until the Japanese Internment during World War 2, where he was forced to sell his land. Entire neighborhoods now sit on his former land, filled with hundreds of homes and high schools, and the flowers he created are no longer his.
8 minutes
Misery Misery


An almost 50-year-old barber who has recently lost his only son is trying to share his sorrow and misery with someone, and considering his job, he tries to make a conversation about this with his customers; but they don't listen to him for various reasons.
14 minutes
Together for Fathers Together for Fathers

Together for Fathers

An Albuquerque, NM based organization focused on building a community of love, positivity, respect and support amongst young men of color ... take some time to reflect on various notions and experiences of fatherhood. Animated by Charles Cantu.
7 minutes
Wait Wait


It is a story of a blind father who wants to meet his child after a week but due to his unhealthy marriage life he only meets his child once in a week.
5 minutes

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